Everyday Rings

Dainty or statement making, you'll want to wear these rings every single day. Here you'll find a collection of beautiful rings that are well designed and well made for the comfort and versatility you seek. With our variety of gold jewelry, you'll find options that match your personal style. Fill up your jewelry box with our white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold rings to create a beautiful high-quality layered look.

Our thin gold rings come in a variety of different forms, from skull rings to statement rings to diamond rings, we will surely have a milestone piece that represents you. Our gem rings include Montana sapphire, white diamonds, and more. Check out the rings in this collection below!

Learn More About Our Everyday Rings

Any tips on choosing an everyday ring?

When choosing an everyday ring you want to think about comfort as well as style. You want to choose a ring that you will want to wear everyday because you can live your life in it. Some people prefer to have a dainty simple ring for their everyday wear. Some might choose a bolder rings to complement their looks of the day.

Will these everyday rings tarnish?

Most of our rings, including our unique everyday rings, are made entirely in 14k gold which does not tarnish. A few of our pieces have silver bands which does tarnish.

Can I wear these everyday rings when I shower?

Fine jewelry has limitations and should be treated with care. We recommend removing your jewelry for chores and cleaning activities. Your jewelry, including your everyday ring, should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off at the end of your day.

How to clean these simple everyday ring?

We recommend a professional cleaning every so often. We also recommend that you send your jewelry in to us for tune-ups and cleaning. But in between professional cleanings, you can use a little dishsoap and water to keep your jewelry clean and sparkling.

What is the best ring type for everyday wear?

Again, comfort is key with everyday jewelry. For this reason, many women's favorite styles of everyday jewelry are dainty rings in a simple and modern style and/or rings that can be stacked together for a changeable look that never gets boring. Browse our collection of unique everyday rings.

Which finger should dainty rings go on?

That is up to you - dainty rings look good and feel good on any finger.

Is gemstone suitable for a everyday ring?

It depends on what look you are after. Gemstone ring can be a simple dainty ring for everyday use. It also depends on what other accessories and outfit you are wearing.

How to find perfect stackable everyday rings?

First, look around for some inspiration to decide what styles and colors you like. Or maybe you want to think about gemstones that represent loved ones' birth months or other symbolism. Second, contact us for guidance or to discuss a custom project.

Can I mix and match different dainty gemstone rings?

Absolutely! The sky and your style is the limit! Mixed gemstone colors look beautful together and often highlight each other. Browse our dainty gemstone rings and start creating the style that is uniquely YOU.

Should dainty stackable rings be the same size?

If you want to stack rings together they should be the same size or close.