Gray Diamonds

Our gray diamonds are hand-selected by the designers from the highest quality rustic diamonds that are available on the market.  Here you will find diamonds with shades pr gray that range in clarity from opaque to translucent and opalescent.

Learn More About Our Gray Diamonds

What is gray diamond?

A gray diamond is a genuine diamond that contains inclusions which gives it a gray color. When the mixture of inclusions in the diamond creates a more or less even gray color, as opposed to the black and white contrast of salt & pepper diamonds we call them gray. But there is overlap sometimes in the two categories.

What makes a diamond look gray?

Diamonds get the color from the minerals in them. Gray diamond contains minerals like carbon create the gray color within it.

Is gray diamond more expensive compared to colorless diamond?

Gray diamonds are less expensive than colorless diamonds. Gray diamonds have not been considered as beautiful as colorless diamonds, historically, so they are priced lower. But times have changed, colorless diamonds become mainstream. People are seeking out diamonds with more character than a traditional, colorless diamond.

Do gray diamonds sparkle?

Depending on how they are cut, gray diamonds sparkle beautifully, just like a colorless diamond. We love designing with gray diamonds because because they are uncommon and they offer a color that highlights all the other colors in a design

What defines a high quality gray diamond?

A high quality gray diamond will have internal inclusions which create the color you see, however, these inclusions will not weaken the integrity of the diamond. Each and every diamond that we purchase is first examined under magnification to insure it is not only beautiful but also strong enough for a diamond engagement ring design.

What skin color fits with a gray diamond ring?

Gray diamonds contrast beautifully with all skin tones because of its cool, neutral color.

Does gray diamond have the same hardness as colorless diamond?

Absolutely, gray diamonds are just as hard as traditional diamonds.

Is gray diamond good for an engagement ring?

Definitely! Especially for people who want an unusual diamond. Unlike the mainstream colorless diamond jewelry, jewelry with gray diamond gives you a unique look with a sense of tranquility and sometimes mysterious in a good way.

If I have a gray diamond engagement ring, should I also get a wedding ring with gray diamond?

Some people like to match all of their diamond colors, others like a mixture of colors. It’s up to your personal style. You can also discuss this with our artist. We can design both your engagement ring and diamond ring with matching styles, either gray diamonds in both rings or combinations of gemstones in each of them.

Can I mix and match jewelry pieces that have diamonds in different colors?

For sure, if that’s your style, don’t hold back with mixing diamond colors and even other gemstones!

Can you help me design a unique engagement ring with gray diamond?

Yes, we offer custom design services for all of our jewlery pieces. Simply contact us to get started with your custom engagement ring with gray diamond or any gemstones you like!

Does gray diamond look better in yellow gold or white gold ring setting?

A gray diamond will be very harmonious in white gold setting. However, gray diamond also works well with yellow or rose gold setting. The contrast of the gray diamond and the yellow or rose gold brings out all the colors more intensely. So, it’s up to you and the look that you want for your gray diamond ring. See our collections to give you some ideas of gray diamond rings you like. You can also contact us if you have any specific questions or requests.

Can I make other jewelry piece besides a ring from the gray diamond you have?

Yes, we offer other pieces like necklaces, earrings and bracelets and incorporate gray diamonds into their designs. Please contact us for custom made jewelry.