Build your Dream Ring

Finding the perfect ring can be overwhelming, but with Chinchar/Maloney we make the process easier and more special for you! We will guide you through out our fun and exciting process. You will be an important part of the custom design journey. We have created thousands of rings in all different styles to match our customer's needs.
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Customer Reviews

Since our inception we have helped to educate our customer base on the nature of rustic diamonds and gems as well as our creatively cutgems. It has been a revelation to our customers some of whom have struggled to find jewelry that truly reflects their personal style. We now have many fans and repeat customers who love the unique and raw look of a CM piece. They, too, embrace the perfectly-imperfect look of our work which also reflects our underlying motivation and practices.


Step 1
Select a gem or diamond from ourcurrent collection
Step 2
Choose the color, style and ringsize from the drop-down menu
Step 3
Add to cart &
Step 4
Our customs specialist will contact you via email
Step 5
Production begins & custom ring will be finished within 4-6 weeks
Step 6
Photos of finished ring will be sent out before shipping
Step 7
You receive your handcrafted

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