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Emerald Cut Gemstones Increase in Popularity in 2021

Emerald Cut Gemstones Increase in Popularity in 2021

Emerald cut gemstones may be trending in 2021 but did they ever really go away? This classic and sophisticated cut features a dramatic rectangular shape with long crisp lines that elongate the fingers. There is no denying that emerald cut gemstones evoke strength and elegance. This is likely why many couples choose to add these stones to custom engagement rings and other handcrafted jewelry. Emerald cut gemstones are truly timeless and give any look that instant “wow” factor. Learn more about emerald cut gemstones, their history and where to go to claim a piece of this trendy jewelry for your own.

History of Emerald Cut Gemstones

Dating back to the 1500s, the emerald cut is one of the oldest gemstone shapes. Stonecutters first began creating the iconic emerald cut while shaping real emeralds into rectangles. Unlike real diamonds, gemstones are more susceptible to breaks due to being a softer stone. To ensure that emeralds retain their sparkle and brilliance, stonecutters would use “stepped” facets to give the stones greater stability. These facets run in parallel lines along the length of the gem, giving the emerald cut its distinct rectangular shape.

Of course, the emerald cut that we know and love today is not just limited to emeralds. It didn’t take long for the classic emerald cut to be used for a wide range of other stones, including the sought-after diamond. Emerald cut diamonds became increasingly popular during the Art Deco movement that inspired symmetry, clean lines, and fun geometric forms. Today, emerald cut diamonds remain a focal centerpiece in countless silver and gold engagement rings and other pieces of fine jewelry. This gemstone cut has also graced the fingers of many world-renowned icons, from Grace Kelly to Angelina Jolie.

Why the Emerald Cut is So Popular

Just one look at an emerald cut gemstone and you’ll see why this cut has retained its popularity for so many centuries. This best-selling stone is beloved for its elongated shape that follows the length of the finger, not the width. The shape and extended size allow for the diamond to deliver a higher brilliance and endless beauty.

Emerald cut gemstones are more unique than traditional stones, such as round brilliant cuts. They tend to offer more personality and can be easily customized to meet the unique preferences of the recipient. Emerald cut stones have one-of-a-kind variations that you won’t find in just any gemstone.

Emerald Cut Gemstone Options

Many types of gemstones can benefit from an emerald cut, such as diamonds. Natural diamond engagement rings with emerald cut stones portray a classic look that families can enjoy for many generations. Unique options like emerald cut tourmaline can also enhance the look of any engagement ring, whether in yellow gold or white gold. The emerald cut of a hand-cut and polished tourmaline ring evokes Old Hollywood glamour with a vintage appeal.

When shopping for emerald cut gemstones, you are also bound to come across various settings. Different emerald cut ring settings can completely transform a piece of jewelry. Some of the most popular settings for emerald cut gemstones include:

  • Solitaire Setting – Secure a high-quality, emerald cut gemstone in a timeless solitaire setting. Set along on a solid band allows the stone to remain the main focal point, perfect for the minimalist bride. If you prefer to spend more money on the stone rather than the setting, a solitaire setting may be the right solution.
  • Pave Setting – Achieve more sparkle with the popular pave setting. A pave diamond band can help bring out the brilliance of the emerald-cut gemstone and draw all eyes to your hand.
  • Three Stone Setting – What’s better than one gorgeous gemstone? Having three beautiful gemstones sitting side-by-side. A three stone setting features a center stone with a complementary stone on each side. While more gemstones mean more money, it also means a more beautiful ring that is worth the investment.
  • Halo Setting – If it’s a more luxurious look you’re going for, there are few choices better than a halo setting. Emerald cut diamonds are known to bounce less light than a round cut or cushion cut diamond which has star-shaped facets. The tiny stones that surround the emerald cut center stone create a spectacular display.
  • Bezel Setting – A bezel setting refers to a setting where metal surrounds the gemstone. Keeping the band sleek and simple helps to accentuate the beauty of the stone and makes the gemstone appear larger in comparison.
  • Emerald Cut Side Stones – If you truly love the look of emerald cut stones, consider adding emerald cut side stones to your custom ring. Two smaller emerald cut stones can take a piece of jewelry to the next level for a look that is breathtaking.

Benefits of Emerald Cut Gemstones

There are several key benefits to choosing an emerald cut gemstone for your next piece of custom fine jewelry. First, emerald cut stones tend to be more affordable per carat than most other shapes, making them an excellent choice for budget-conscious shoppers. These unique cuts are also relatively easy to find in many different sizes, shapes, and gemstone options. Of course, you also get the benefit of wearing an elegant, understated piece that complements nearly any outfit, both formal and informal.

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Emerald cut gemstones are known for their “hall of mirrors” effect that creates a dramatic pattern with alternating lines of dark and light. Their long facets provide just the right amount of sparkle and their interesting history make them a fun conversation piece. Best of all, you can find gorgeous emerald cut gemstones directly from Chinchar Maloney.

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