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How to Design a Stunning Cocktail Ring

How to Design a Stunning Cocktail Ring

Big, bold, dramatic, and eye-catching – these are just a few words that describe the iconic cocktail ring. From the runway to the streets, cocktail rings have been seen everywhere over the past year. This popular trend offers both men and women an opportunity to express their individual style with a creative accessory. Cocktail rings are the ultimate statement jewelry, and best of all, they can be custom designed to meet your preferences.

The Cocktail Ring – A Brief History


Before getting into how cocktail rings are made, learn about their interesting history. Cocktail rings date back to the 1920s When the Prohibition era was in full swing. Alcohol was banned across the country and secret drinkers would flock to concealed speakeasies dressed in the finest fashions.

Stylish and rebellious women would attend these parties in classic flapper attire. Loose dresses were worn over lingerie and corsets. Many women sported stacks of bracelets, and brilliant jewels adorned their fingers and necks. However, no jewelry was as symbolic as the cocktail ring. 

Originally, cocktail rings featured large center stones accented with pave diamonds. Today, these statement rings can be found in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and designs. Many designers have modernized the cocktail ring. Our collection of Diamond Deco jewelry is inspired by the streamlined geometry of the 20’s Art Deco period.

Characteristics of a Cocktail Ring


What makes cocktail rings different from your run-of-the-mill ring? It’s their alluring design that instantly demands attention. Cocktail rings typically feature an oversized gemstone, pearl, or diamond in the center. Smaller gemstones or diamonds flank the center stone, giving the ring a three-dimensional look.

Cocktail rings are highly versatile and can be found with many different types of stones. Semi-precious stones like garnet or blue topaz can add dazzling color to these trendy dinner rings. More exotic stones like opal, morganite, tanzanite, and aquamarine offer uniqueness and unbridled beauty

How different stone types and colors are put together makes all the difference in the final look of the ring. For a high-end look, consider a center diamond enhanced with smaller diamonds, set on a white gold band. Some buyers prefer the vibrancy of naturally colored diamonds, which can be found in colors like blue, red, green, pink, and purple.

Modern takes on cocktail rings often fuse classic with contemporary. Gold cocktail rings offer feminine appeal and are practical for everyday wear. Rose gold is also a stylish metal that pairs well with nearly any colored gemstone. Some cocktail rings maintain their timeliness look with features like delicate filigree and ornate patterns.

Designing a Stunning Cocktail Ring


It’s not always easy to find a cocktail ring that checks every requirement off your list. When this happens, it’s time to build your own ring. Custom designed jewelry enables buyers to express their style and personality through creativity. At Chinchar Maloney, we set a high standard in heirloom-quality, handcrafted jewelry.

When designing a cocktail ring, there are many aspects to consider. While cocktail rings are a fashion ring by nature, they do not have to be too big or gaudy. When cocktail rings are kept slightly smaller, more focus can be placed on the intricate designs of the piece. 

One of the hardest decisions you’ll have to make is what metal and stones you want in your ring. At Chinchar Maloney, we use only the highest-quality rustic diamonds and gemstones that have been carefully sourced. These gems feature naturally occurring colors and inclusions that give the ring a one-of-a-kind look.

Whether you’re interested in custom engagement rings or are building a ring for another occasion, you can’t go wrong with Montana sapphire jewelry. Our hand-cut sapphires from Montana are cut by hand in a sculptural and organic style that gives cocktail rings a brilliant sparkle.

Each aspect of the ring will play a role in its ultimate appearance. For example, the setting can change the way that the stones appear. Prong settings are the most common with each stone getting its own arrangement of prongs. Bezel settings are used to make one stone, usually the center stone, stand out from the others.

You may notice that the band for cocktail rings is often larger than normal. As these rings often contain larger stones and a greater quantity of stones, the band must be wider and thicker to accommodate the complex design. However, the band can be made thinner and smaller if desired.

Build Your Ring with Chinchar Maloney


Chinchar Maloney makes it easy to design and build your own stunning cocktail ring. Work directly with our custom specialist from start to finish, starting with a consultation in which you can express your ideas and vision. Choose from a wide selection of loose gemstones and diamonds and receive your ring in as little as four to six weeks.

For custom rings, we recommend hard gemstones that will withstand daily wear, such as sapphires, rubies, and diamonds. However, we can work with any type of gemstone that we source directly from our trusted gem dealers. We also work with different types of gold, including 14k yellow gold, 14k white gold, and 14k rose gold.

While cocktail rings were not originally designed to be used as engagement or wedding rings, many modern couples are making this request. By building your own cocktail ring, you can get the best of both worlds – a vintage-inspired cocktail ring that is practical, comfortable, and suitable for everyday wear. 

Inquire About Cocktail Ring Design

Chinchar Maloney is a family-owned and operated business located in Portland, Oregon. We offer several on-trend collections, including our Modern Rustic jewelry, Memento Amori jewelry, Diamond Deco jewelry, and others. Whether you’re in search of the perfect natural diamond engagement ring or wish to build your own ring for a special someone in your life, we can help. Call us today at 503.946.8227 to get started.