Montana Sapphires

Explore our large selection of one-of-a-kind Montana sapphires. We hand select each gem in their rough form and cut them by hand in an organic and sculptural style to create our Montana sapphire jewelry and engagement rings. With stunning natural color combinations that you won't find anywhere else and extraordinary light refraction, these rough sapphires have brilliant flash and fire that makes our fine jewelry stand out. Using these beautiful American sapphires, we can create custom jewelry as unique as the person wearing it.

Learn More About Our Montana Sapphires

What is unique about these Montana Sapphires?

Montana Sapphires are unique because they are a precious gemstone from the United States, and they come in colors and color combinations that don’t occur in other locations on the planet. They are a highly ethical choice as we procure the sapphire with stone that comes directly from the miners, some of whom own their own mines. North America is full of beautiful rough stones and Montana is home to Gem mountain gold mine, Sapphire mountains, Dry cottonwood creek. These unique landmarks in the state reflect the production of Montana's finest precious gemstones such as the Rock creek sapphire.

What are these natural sapphires made of?

Sapphires are from the gemstone family corundum, which is a mineral also known as aluminum oxide. The aluminum oxide is traced with iron and titanium to form the corundum. After diamonds, corundum creates the second hardest natural substance. A sapphire is formed when the corundum comes in contact with other minerals, this is when the color starts to appear. Sapphires are typically found in metamorphic rocks due to the high levels of aluminum.

How to clean rough Montana Sapphire ring?

We have detailed care and cleaning instructions for your Montana sapphire ring here.

Here are steps that may be taken for at home or professional cleaning:

At home: Rings in particular tend to collect dust and soap behind the stone, especially if worn daily. To clean diamonds and transparent crystalline gemstones, soak them in water with a smidge of non-detergent, mild soap like Dr. Bronner's unscented soap or Meyer's Clean Day. Finally, rinse and pat dry with a clean soft cloth.

Professional: Professional cleanings are good occasionally. To schedule a cleaning reach out to our customer care team to coordinate. If it's not us doing the cleaning, please talk to the jeweler who is about the particular gemstone before they use an ultrasonic cleaner.

What colors do sapphires come in?

Sapphires are one of the few gemstones that come in every single color of the rainbow. From purple to green and yellow, we have a large variety of colors! Yogo Sapphires come in the standard blue while sapphires that come in other colors are known as fancy sapphires. The shades and intensity of the colors can also vary depending on what is desired by you. Typically, the more vibrant the color is, the more valuable the stone is.

Do Montana Sapphire gems sparkle?

Montana Sapphires have a lovely sparkle that is brought out by our hand-cutting and faceting. We cut each sapphire by hand along their unique growth patterns. We cut our products with care to ensure that the beauty of the sparkle is maximized to its fullest potential. The precious sapphire sparkle is beautiful in any form of lighting, but the natural sunlight creates an elegant effect like no other.

What are Montana Sapphires?

Montana Sapphires are simply sapphires that originated in Montana, USA. A lot of people don’t know that we have these beautiful gems in this country. The gem-quality sapphires are most prominent in central Montana. Montana, also known as the treasure state, is known for having two types of beautiful sapphires; Yogo Sapphires and fancy Montana Sapphires. The Yogo Sapphire is a blue sapphire found primarily in the Yogo Gulch. Yogo Sapphires are known for their blue color, high clarity, and brilliance under artificial light sources. Yogo Sapphires can be found specifically in the Yogo Creek while other Montana Sapphires are found in places such as Rock Creek. These sapphires were discovered by gold miners who mined near the Missouri river in the late 1800s. For years, the blue pebbles were ignored during gold mining but after 10 years they were finally classified as Missouri river Sapphires. Soon after this, sapphire mining became popular.

Are Montana Sapphires good for everyday rings?

Absolutely! Sapphires are the hardest gemstones, second only to diamonds. So they are very durable and appropriate for everyday wear. The Mohs scale of hardness is used to determine how hard stones are, and a sapphire ranks a 9 on this scale. The durability and sturdiness make sapphire rings an excellent choice.

Can I custom design a sapphire ring or necklace with these natural Montana gemstones?

Absolutely! We love using Montana sapphires in our custom designs. Check out our beautiful gem gallery and contact us to get started!