Salt & Pepper Diamonds

Our salt & pepper diamonds are hand-selected by the designers from the highest quality rustic diamonds available on the market. Here you will find natural diamonds with colors and patterns ranging from high contrast white and black inclusions to unique diamonds that sparkle like silver. These rough diamonds are rose cut, making the most out of the stone. Our custom salt and pepper diamond engagement rings are a unique way to show someone how much you care.

Learn More About Our Salt & Pepper Diamonds

What is a salt and pepper diamond?

A "salt & pepper" diamond is the name given to white diamond with black carbon inclusions, creating a range of colors from clear white and black to flat gray to sparkly silver.

Are salt and pepper diamonds more expensive than regular diamonds?

No. Salt & pepper diamonds are less expensive that traditional, white diamonds.

How to wear a salt and pepper diamond ring?

A salt & pepper diamond ring is a great everyday accessory as the color is both classic and neutral. This makes salt & pepper diamonds a great choice for an engagement ring as well.

How to choose a salt & pepper diamond?

Salt & pepper diamonds come in a range of characteristics and clarity. First, consider your personal style when it comes to how dark or light you want your salt & pepper diamond to be or how sparkly versus undertstated. Then contact us so that we can help!

Can I choose a salt and pepper diamond for an engagement ring or wedding ring?

Definitely. Salt & pepper diamonds are a wonderful alternative to a traditional diamond engagement ring and have been steadily increasing in popularity as alternative engagement rings. Some people even prefer salt and pepper diamond jewelry to the traditional diamond because its unique color. We embrace the inclusions in the salt and pepper diamond as a state-of-art.

Are these custom salt and pepper diamond rings durable for everyday wear?

Yes. Salt & pepper diamonds are diamonds and they are just as durable. That being said, big inclusion in the diamond can make it more fragile. We recommend you getting your salt and pepper diamond jewelry from trusted jewelers. At Chinchar Maloney, we make sure to use only high quality salt and pepper diamond that will not compromise the durability of our jewelries.

Are salt and pepper diamonds real diamonds?

Absolutely. Salt & pepper diamonds are real diamonds. Our salt and pepper diamond comes with a certificate just like any diamond does.

Will these salt and pepper diamond earrings sparkle?

The cut is essential to create the sparkle of a diamond, whether it is for a ring, necklace, earring, or any accessory. If you are looking for salt & pepper diamonds that sparkle, consider a brilliant cut diamond rather than a rose cut diamond. Contact us for help and guidance.