About CM

Chinchar Maloney is a Love Story


Chinchar Maloney was founded by Colin Chinchar and Marian Maloney.  Colin is a carpenter, sound designer and self-described rock hound.  Marian is an artist with a lifelong passion for jewelry, both contemporary and historical.  This company was born from the relationship between two people who wanted to build a creative life together based on the values that they shared.

The gems that they were drawn to from the beginning were imperfect - full of texture and character.  These gems became “perfectly imperfect” and in this way have come to symbolize and express the unique style and personality of the wearer.  Many of our newly engaged couples have expressed a connection to our gems as a reflection of their perfectly-imperfect union; a relationship based on the mutual embrace of their partner just as they are.  Our customers are looking for jewelry that “feels like me and my relationship”.  We create jewels that they can truly see themselves in.  Within the gem they choose they see their relationship and the wonderful experiences that they have shared out in the world, traveling and exploring nature, falling in love.  They see those beautiful lakes, mountains and skies, all those special memories within that one gemstone on their finger.


We create largely one-of-a-kind pieces which are handcrafted by talented bench jewelers.  Our goal is to elevate natural forms with our human hands.  Our gemstones are purchased directly from miners and hand-sculpted by us creatively, making each unique.  Our diamonds are hand-selected by the designers for their unique character which is created by naturally occurring minerals and inclusions within.  Our jewelry is created in small batches both by nature and design.  We are a small team and we create every detail of our pieces in-house from start to finish.  The inspiration for each piece starts with the unique center diamond or gemstone.  Both our process and philosophy mean that every detail is important and every piece requires time and the utmost attention.

We believe that our patience and devotion to each piece of jewelry inhabits the piece and is felt by the wearer.

Visiting Us

Colin and Marian met in New York City and started their jewelry collaboration shortly after meeting.  Their designs developed as their relationship developed.  After several years in NYC they made a journey across the country to Portland, OR, where they were embraced by the community and successfully ran a showroom there.  

Most recently, their wanderlust has returned and they have relocated to Northern New Mexico where they are inspired by the landscape and the rich history of jewelry in the Southwest.  They will be opening a showroom, by appointment only, sometime in 2023.

About Our Diamonds and Gemstones

Since our inception we have helped to educate our customer base on the nature of rustic diamonds and gems as well as our creatively cut gems.  It has been a revelation to our customers some of whom have struggled to find jewelry that truly reflects their personal style.  We now have many fans and repeat customers who love the unique and raw look of a CM piece.  They, too, embrace the perfectly-imperfect look of our work which also reflects our underlying motivation and practices.

Diamonds have been used for centuries to represent everlasting love for a reason - they exude the longevity required for a lifetime of love and beyond. But, for the past century white diamonds, beautiful in their translucence and unforgettable in their imagined power, have become the centerfold to a generation desiring structure and symmetry. Although they still maintain their draw, the world has changed a lot since then.

This new spectrum, spanning generations past and present, has awoken a different understanding of what is classic. Classic is both now and then, strength and simplicity, you and I. Classic is timeless, love is timeless. It is our desire to represent this merge by representing individual love with a new classic.

All of our diamonds and gemstones are natural and untreated and have come out of the earth with the wonderful colors and characteristics you see here. All of our diamonds are ethical and conflict free. This is just as important to us as it is to you!

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Marian Maloney and Colin Chinchar