Everything You Need to Know About Salt and Pepper Diamonds

What are Salt and Pepper Diamonds?

From diamond deco and modern rustic to Montana sapphires and naturally colored diamonds, this year’s jewelry trends have exceeded all expectations. One of the latest diamond types to reach elevated popularity is the salt and pepper diamond. Salt and pepper diamonds are natural colored diamonds filled with inclusions and markings. They are known for their night sky appearance, with ‘salt’ referring to the bright white inclusions and ‘pepper’ referring to the black inclusions. You can also find salt and pepper diamonds in other neutral and earthy shades.

Almost all diamonds have some inclusions, but most are small and cannot be seen by the naked eye. Salt and pepper diamonds are unique as their inclusions are large, visible, and affect the stone’s overall appearance in a positive way. No two salt and pepper diamonds are exactly alike. Some are brighter, others are darker, and some appear almost gray in color. Their mysterious appeal, smokey look, and versatility are what make salt and pepper diamond earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings so popular in the jewelry industry today.

Salt and pepper diamonds have a one-of-a-kind appearance due to the natural inclusions in the crystal structure. There is not just one inclusion that gives this diamond its wild, speckled appearance, but rather a variety of inclusion types that create the diverse looks seen in salt and pepper diamonds. These inclusions were formed over billions of years below Earth’s surface. The cut of these diamonds is also unique, as most gem cutters cut salt and pepper diamonds into an elegant rose cut that features a flat bottom.

There is no one way to wear salt and pepper diamonds. The salt and pepper diamond ring is a common choice among modern brides. A salt and pepper diamond necklace or bracelet can be worn as daily wear due to its versatility and timeless look. Custom designed jewelry adorned with salt and pepper diamonds is also a lovely gift for that special person in your life.


Are These Natural Colored Diamonds?

Diamonds can be found in virtually every color of the rainbow, including red, green, blue, pink, purple, yellow, orange, and a combination of hues. Salt and pepper diamonds typically appear with black and white speckles that make this perfect stone stand out from the rest. Buyers in search of a natural diamond ring or natural stone engagement rings are often drawn to salt and pepper diamonds. These natural colored diamonds can be found in a myriad of sizes, shapes, and colors ranging from deep graphite to champagne tones.

If you’re in search of natural diamond engagement rings, you may be contemplating getting a salt and pepper diamond. Naturally colored diamonds refer to diamonds that get their color from minerals in the earth, such as carbon or nitrogen. Just one in 10,000 diamonds are considered naturally colored, making them an exclusive jewelry option. The intensity of natural colored diamonds can vary from faint to fancy. Diamonds that are more intense in color tend to be rarer and more valuable.


Are Salt and Pepper Diamonds More Expensive than Regular Diamonds?

The value of a diamond is determined by the 4Cs – color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. Color refers to how colorless the diamond is, clarity is how clean the diamond is of blemishes and inclusions, cut is the quality of the angles, facets, and proportions, and carat is the weight of the diamond. Salt and pepper diamonds have many visible inclusions and are not completely colorless, making them less costly than brilliant white diamonds. Despite their lower quality, these unique diamonds are a beautiful and affordable jewelry choice.

The cost of a salt and pepper engagement ring is dependent on several factors, such as the size of the stone, the quality of the stone, the cut of the stone, what metals are chosen, the design of the ring, and whether the jewelry contains other stones, such as white diamonds or colored gemstones. The cost of a salt and pepper diamond can range from as little as $500 for a small rose cut diamond up to several thousand for a salt and pepper diamond set in a 14k white gold band or yellow gold band.

Types of Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Salt and pepper diamonds are some of the most fascinating diamond types and for good reason. Their unique coloring adds instant style to any piece of jewelry, from rings and bracelets to necklaces and earrings. These diamonds can also vary considerably from one another. Some are nearly all black, while others are milky or grey. Salt and pepper diamonds can also be nearly colorless diamonds.

What makes salt and pepper diamonds so popular is their versatility. There are many types of salt and pepper diamond jewelry that range from casual pieces suitable for everyday wear to more elegant pieces appropriate for formal events. If you’re planning on popping the question soon, a salt and pepper diamond engagement ring with a matching band is sure to impress. Salt and pepper wedding rings are also a favorite of modern brides who value uniqueness and prefer the look of natural stones.

If you truly want a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, consider a custom salt and pepper diamond ring. The experienced team at Chinchar Maloney can help you build your own engagement ring! Custom engagement rings enable buyers to choose all elements of their natural diamond engagement ring, such as the size, color, and overall quality of the stone. Buyers interested in a custom salt and pepper diamond ring can also choose their preferred metal and ring design.

Do Salt and Pepper Diamond Earrings Sparkle?

One of the most beloved aspects of any diamond is its sparkle quality. Everyone wants to wear a pair of beautiful earrings that sparkle in the light. What most people don’t know about diamonds is that the sparkle all comes down to the stone’s cut and inclusions. Many salt and pepper diamonds have crisp inclusions that make them very sparkly. Diamonds that have very fine or a surplus of inclusions can appear grey or cloudy. Consider how much sparkle you want when choosing a salt and pepper diamond.

When comparing salt and pepper diamonds to other types of traditional diamonds, such as brilliant white stones, they may not seem as sparkly. This is because the inclusions are spread throughout the stone, making it more difficult for light to reflect properly. However, how inclusions impact a diamond can vary from stone to stone. Consider what characteristics you value most and find a salt and pepper diamond that meets your expectations.

Ways to Wear a Salt and Pepper Diamond Necklace

Diamonds can add class and style to nearly any ensemble. Salt and pepper diamond necklaces can be a highly glamorous addition to any wardrobe, giving the neck area a bit of shimmer and shine. When it comes to diamond jewelry, less is more. A salt and pepper diamond necklace will stand out as a statement piece of jewelry, meaning no other jewelry is necessary to bring an outfit to completion. Instead, pair your salt and pepper necklace with a little black dress or slacks and a sweater to create a stylish outfit.

Salt and pepper diamond necklaces can also be sported when dressing down. Whether you’re going out on a casual date or attending a gathering with friends and family, a sophisticated salt and pepper necklace can add visual appeal to casual and semi-casual ensembles. Consider pairing your new necklace with a simple black or monochrome outfit. Avoid anything too detailed or embellished and allow your jewelry to act as the focal point. Salt and pepper diamond jewelry complements a wide range of styles, whether elegant and timeless or cool and contemporary.

Shop Salt and Pepper Diamonds at Chinchar Maloney

Aside from their uniqueness and beauty, salt and pepper diamonds are environmentally friendly. They take fewer resources to mine than traditional white diamonds, which also makes them more affordable. Interested in adding a piece of salt and pepper jewelry to your collection or do you want to build a custom salt and pepper engagement ring? Contact the jewelry experts at Chinchar Maloney to get started.