Jewelry Care & Handling

We are excited that you've chosen a special piece of Chinchar/Maloney fine jewelry and we want to help you to take care of it properly so that it will last a lifetime and more. Proper care is so important. The following are basic guidelines for keeping you and your jewelry looking good for a lifetime and more:

The type of damage we see most often is a solid gold prong completely bent over, a bent, or out of rounds band or loose setting. What's interesting is that 99% of the time, the person wearing the ring has no idea how the ring was damaged. One would think that you would have to hit your hand pretty hard to have this happen and that you would definitely remember! The reality is our jewelry is taking quite a beating during normal everyday wear as we are really not aware of what we are doing with our hands throughout the day. One theory is that when a ring hits an object hard such as a metal railing or gym equipment, the gold being a soften metal, absorbs the shock and we are totally unaware any damage has taken place.

Daily Care:


Cleaning at home:

Opals, Moonstone, Labradorite:

Professional Cleaning:

Professional cleanings are good occasionally. We're happy to do this for free aside from shipping costs. To schedule a cleaning reach out to our customer care team to coordinate.

If it's not us doing the cleaning, please talk to the jeweler who is about the particular gemstone before they use an ultrasonic cleaner.


Regularly inspect your jewelry to make sure the settings and any pavé diamonds are secure. All settings can and do weaken over time. Promptly contact us if you notice any signs of damage or loosening of the prongs and wear of mountings.

It's a good idea to have your jewelry examined at least once a year by Chinchar/Maloney. We do this for a small fee of $85 during which every setting and mounting is checked and tightened. In addition to performing any necessary repair work, we will expertly clean and polish your jewelry at no additional cost. Contact us if you are interested in this service.

Custom Orders:

Made to order pieces vary from one design to another. With your jewelry delivery we have included specific care instructions that may apply to your specific piece to give you the best tips on how to care for your jewelry for years to come. If you have any questions on how to best clean or alter your piece please reach out to our customer service team and the will be happy to answer whatever questions you may have.