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How to Choose the Right Gemstone for Your Engagement Ring

How to Choose the Right Gemstone for Your Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are a symbol of devotion and everlasting love. The gemstones set in the prongs also hold symbolic meaning. Many cultures believe that these precious and semi-precious stones have healing properties, spiritual meaning, and special powers. The color, size, cut, and transparency of the gemstone should also play a role in your decision. If you’re preparing to pop the question, choose a gemstone for your engagement ring that best reflects the recipient’s fashion style, personality, and beliefs. 

Gemstones for Engagement Rings

Handcrafted jewelry can be found with a wide variety of beautiful stones. Some of the most popular types of gemstones in pre-built and custom engagement rings include the following:

1. Sapphire

A sapphire is a precious gemstone of the corundum family that can be found in blue, green, violet, yellow, pink, orange, or purple hues. Classic blue sapphires contain titanium and iron, as well as trace elements of chromium. Sapphires are considered one of the most durable naturally occurring elements in the world. Due to their hardness, they are often used in industrial processes. This desirable gemstone has a stunning color and luster, making it an excellent addition to any engagement ring.

2. Garnet

Available in nearly every color, garnets are a silicate mineral that is most recognized in their dark red hue. Throughout the world, garnets hold different meanings. These stones are believed to provide the wearer with protection and have long been considered a symbol of love and friendship. Garnet is a relatively durable stone and with proper care, can last many decades.

3. Ruby

Rubies are a pink to red-colored gemstone that can be found all over the world, including Australia, Africa, Myanmar, and the U.S. The ruby is considered one of the four top gemstones, alongside sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds. Registering a nine of the Mohs scale, rubies are extremely hard, making them an excellent option for engagement rings. 

4. Montana Sapphire

Sapphires were originally discovered in Montana in 1865 while mining the Missouri River near Helena. Montana sapphires were the first sapphires of gem-quality found in the U.S. Today, Montana sapphire engagement rings can be found in a variety of fancy colors, such as blue, pink, green, yellow, and orange. Due to its unique brilliance, the Montana sapphire is an excellent choice for daily-wear rings.

5. Morganite

Morganite is a pink to orangish variety of beryl first discovered in Madagascar. The gemstone gets its bold coloring from trace amounts of manganese. The most valuable gemstones feature an intense magenta color. Much of the world’s morganite is derived from the pegmatite mines in Brazil, but can also be found in Namibia, Mozambique, Afghanistan, and the U.S. This beautiful gemstone is believed to help alleviate anxiety and stress, improve productivity, and increase patience. 

6. Tourmaline

Tourmaline can be found in nearly every color of the rainbow. However, brown and black tourmaline is most often used in jewelry. This durable gemstone can be cut into numerous sizes and shapes, including faceted gems and polished crystal slices. It is a durable stone with a 7.0 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale. Tourmaline is a low-maintenance gemstone that can be easily cleaned with warm, sudsy water.

7. Diamond

A diamond is a mineral composed of pure carbon. It’s considered the hardest naturally occurring substance and retains the title of the most popular gemstone. Diamonds are formed under high pressure and temperatures and only exist 100 miles under the earth’s surface. While synthetic diamonds exist, there is no denying the appeal of natural diamond engagement rings. Silver and gold engagement rings are available in several popular cuts, such as round, cushion, asscher, princess, emerald, marquise, radiant, and heart.

Choosing a Gemstone for an Engagement Ring

When selecting a gemstone for an engagement ring, there are several things that you will want to consider. Keep the following tips in mind when making your decision:

  • Choose a stone that suits your partner. For example, round and princess cut stones are considered classics, while cushion and marquise are more modern options. Consider your partner’s preferred style and what color and type of stone would best suit her personality.
  • Set a budget. While money should not be a deciding factor when choosing a gemstone for an engagement ring, it should be a consideration. Some gemstones are more costly than others, and prices typically increase with the stone size. 
  • Compare the hardiness of the stones. If your partner wears jewelry daily, the gemstone may experience some normal wear and tear. Opt for a stone that is highly durable and at least an eight or nine on the Mohs scale. If your partner only wears jewelry occasionally, a softer stone may be acceptable. 
  • Look at the grades of the stone. Gemstones are commonly graded according to the “four C’s” – cut, color, carat, and clarity. Chinchar Maloney also values a fifth “C” – character – what makes their modern rustic jewelry so unique. The cut of a stone determines its brilliance, the color may be colorless or any color in the spectrum, carat measures the weight of the stone, and clarity is the size and number of inclusions.
  • Pick between traditional or trendy. Diamonds are the most traditional option for engagement rings. However, colorless stones are not for everyone. Many couples prefer the unique look of a colored gemstone, such as a ruby or sapphire.
  • Look for optical phenomena. Unlike diamonds, colored gemstones offer the possibility of optical phenomena. Examples include an asterism (star) or chatoyancy (cat-eye effect). For a truly unique engagement ring with a gemstone, considered a ring with one of these amazing features.

Build a Custom Engagement Ring with Chinchar Maloney

If you are shopping for engagement rings, you probably have a lot of information going through your mind. It can be overwhelming to see such a wide variety of jewelry but the decision doesn’t need to be difficult. At Chinchar Maloney, you’ll find several collections of handcrafted fine jewelry, including diamond deco, refined rough, and modern rustic jewelry. We can also assist in the design and execution of custom engagement rings. Contact us today for a consultation.