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What is Art Deco in Jewelry Design?

What is Art Deco in Jewelry Design?

Originating in the 1920s, the art deco movement was and continues to be highly influential. This popular decorative-arts and architectural style is characterized by clean, geometric forms and highly-stylized ornaments.

Over the decades, works of art in the art deco style have been created by famous artists like Pablo Picasso and Wassily Kandinsky. There are also incredible examples of American art deco that can be viewed at Radio City Music and the Chrysler Building in New York City.

Today, art deco has been incorporated into many beautiful pieces of jewelry. From art deco diamond earrings to custom designed jewelry with art deco attributes, there is much to love about this decorative art style. Here’s a look at how art deco has been used in jewelry design in the past and today.

Characteristics of Art Deco Jewelry

There are several design elements that are consistent through pieces of this period, making them easy to identify. Some of the most common features seen in art deco jewelry designs of the past and present include:

  • White Metals – Much of the jewelry created in the art deco era was made using white gold or platinum. White gold was first introduced to the public in 1915 when it was invented as a solution to rising platinum costs. During the art deco era, yellow gold was out of style and light-colored metals were in demand.
  • Geometric Designs – Another common characteristic of art deco jewelry is the use of geometric and symmetrical designs. Some pieces featured the combination of different geometric shapes to create a more complex and eye-catching design. Symmetry was also a common theme in art deco jewelry, along with the use of shapes like octagons, rectangles, diamonds and triangles.
  • Filigree – Filigree refers to small, intricate cut-outs originally created with the use of die-cast machines. These complex designs often featured diamonds set in white gold or platinum. Today, filigree jewelry is commonly made with wax molds making it difficult to replicate the refined, crisp look of filigree of decades past.
  • European-Cut Diamonds – You won’t find just any diamond in an authentic art deco piece of jewelry. These designs typically contain antique cut diamonds, such as stunning old European-cut diamonds. Other popular cuts used in art deco jewelry designs include transitional cuts, cushion cuts and Asscher cuts.
  • Calibre Cut Stones – While diamonds were a popular option for art deco jewelry designs, colored gemstones were also used. Colorful caliber cut stones were a major trend during the movement. Calibre cut stones refer to gemstones that are specifically cut to fit into a jewelry design and are placed tightly against one another to create a unique design.
  • Enamel – During the art deco movement, the use of enamel elements continuously grew. Jewelry designs began to feature solid blocks of color and visually stimulating contrasts. Some of the most common enamel colors used in art deco jewelry includes blues, greens, blacks and deep reds.

Popular Pieces of Art Deco Style Jewelry

The art deco era saw many different types of jewelry, some more timeless than others. Today, you can find many inspired pieces that reflect their antique counterparts, such as gold art deco earrings and custom engagement rings with white diamonds. Modern art deco pieces also incorporate other trends, such as Montana sapphire jewelry. This versatility ensures that everyone has the chance to find a piece that speaks to them.

One of the most sought-after jewelry styles that are fashionable in art deco jewelry is earrings. Zig zag ear climbers in white gold, yellow gold or rose gold provide an edgy, glam look that is both luxurious and comfortable to wear. They also look great when worn as dangle earrings. Zig zag bracelets and rings are also a high-demand example of art deco jewelry designs. An art deco diamond ring with a zig zag design is effortlessly chic and timeless.

Bracelets are another type of jewelry that easily adapts to art deco jewelry designs. When worn with sleeveless dresses or short-sleeve blouses, an art deco bracelet adds instant appeal and sparkle to any ensemble. Art deco bracelets can be found in many familiar styles, including asymmetrical designs adorned with brilliant white diamonds. Bangles are especially popular across many art deco jewelry collections as they lay comfortably on the wrist and can be worn with both day and night outfits.

Along with earrings and bracelets, rings are often seen with art deco elements. When in search of a natural diamond engagement ring, consider an art deco infinity band. The unique design of this band incorporates the infinity symbol which represents everlasting love and commitment. These bands are available in yellow gold, white gold or rose gold to meet the preferences of the recipient. They are also accented with brilliant, white diamonds for a hint of sparkle.

Wedding bands that pay homage to the art deco period are also a common sight in handcrafted jewelry. At the start of the art deco era, wedding bands often featured highly unique, geometric designs that look nothing like traditional wedding bands seen today. Modern takes on the 1920s wedding band feature a polished metal with a brushed finish accented with brilliant gray or white diamonds. Other stones like rubies or blue sapphires can also be incorporated into the design.

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