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Why You Should Consider Naturally Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

Why You Should Consider Naturally Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

Colorless diamond engagement rings are beautiful, but few have the unique allure of a naturally colored diamond. A colored or “fancy” diamond refers to any diamond color that does not fall into the “normal color range,” or the D-Z scale. The D-Z normal color range spans from completely colorless diamonds to light yellow or brownish stones. Fancy colored diamonds can be found in almost every color of the rainbow, including red, purple, green, orange, and rarer colors like pink and blue. If you’re shopping for handcrafted jewelry or prefer to build your own engagement ring, a colored diamond may be the perfect choice.

How are Colored Diamonds Formed?


Naturally colored diamonds involve a process that takes place over millions of years. Under the right conditions, including high heat and immense pressure, carbon elements come together to create rough diamond rocks. The introduction of color stems from other elements that combine with the carbon. For example, Boron can create a bluish tint while high levels of nitrogen can lead to a yellowish hue. Other natural causes can also influence color, such as radiation causing a greenish tint.

Are Colored Diamonds Real?


With the mass manufacturing of artificial colored diamonds, it can be hard to determine if a diamond is the real deal. However, natural fancy color diamonds are authentic in every way. Once a rough colored diamond has been mined, an experienced diamond polisher works with the stone to create the final product found in pre-made or custom engagement rings. However, the color of the stone is 100% natural unless otherwise stated. Of course, some colors are much rarer than others, such as violet.

Are Colored Diamonds More Valuable?


One of the things that make colored diamonds so special is their rarity. Natural colored diamonds are considered an excellent investment and are comparable to other popular investment options on the market, such as gold and platinum. Natural colored diamonds are worth more per carat than regular white diamonds due to their unique characteristics. The color and clarity of a diamond plays a direct role in its value, as well as the stone’s size. Some colored diamonds, such as gray, champagne, chameleon, black, and salt and pepper diamonds are typically more affordable than white diamonds.

How are Colored Diamonds Graded?


Like regular white diamonds, natural colored diamonds are graded using the traditional 4Cs – color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. What sets naturally colored diamonds apart from white diamonds is that they are also graded based on their color and the vibrancy of the color. Stones that have more color tend to be rarer than diamonds with lighter tints. Colored diamonds that contain a brown or grey tint may lower a stone’s value. Lab-made colored diamonds are also less expensive than natural colored diamonds due to the way that the color is controlled in the lab.

Why Choose a Colored Diamond Engagement Ring?


When shopping for a natural diamond engagement ring, one of the biggest decisions you will need to make is whether to go with a traditional white diamond ring or choose a fancy colored alternative. There are many reasons why a person may choose a colored diamond engagement ring, including the following:

  • There are natural colored diamonds for every personality. Although white diamonds are traditional, many modern couples enjoy the look of a colored stone. There are many ways that people choose colored stones. You may pick a pink stone if that’s her favorite color. Or perhaps a particular stone color has a special meaning in your relationship. Every colored diamond is unique and should reflect the style preferences and personality of the wearer.
  • Natural colored diamonds are super trendy right now. If you keep up with jewelry trends, you’ve probably heard that fancy colored diamonds are the “it” diamond as of recently. Many celebrities have been seen rocking pink diamond rings, such as Victoria Beckham and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. On the Red Carpet, A-listers like Jessica Simpson have been spotted sporting champagne diamonds. If you want to wear what the Hollywood stars wear, a colored diamond is the optimal choice.
  • There are colored diamonds for all budgets. Since natural colored diamonds are relatively rare, many people are under the misconception that they cannot afford them. There are colored diamonds available at all price points. The clarity, saturation, and hue of the stone all play a role in cost. If you have a tight budget but can’t wait a minute longer to pop the question, a colored diamond engagement ring is still in reach. An experienced jeweler can help you choose a fancy stone based on your budget restrictions and jewelry preferences.
  • Colored stones are considered a good long-term investment. Authentic natural colored stones can double as an investment. There have been countless times in the past when a colored diamond has shown to dramatically increase in value. For example, a 6.01 carat vivid blue diamond was sold in October 2011 for a record-breaking $10.1 million. A 5 carat vivid pink diamond sold in December 2009 for $10.7 million. When purchasing a natural colored diamond, remember that you are also making a great mid- to long-term investment.
  • A colored diamond is a beautiful and memorable gift. It isn’t always easy choosing an engagement ring for the love of your life. You want the stone to be beautiful, but also unique like the recipient. A natural colored diamond is an excellent option for people who want a stunning gift that the recipient will remember forever.

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